Trend Report | Lucia Giacani Photography. Understanding Accessories..

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Lucia Giacani.. African Urban Vision…

In the fashion world there are designers, producers and consumers. Just as important as these three is the role played by fashion photographers. The photographers role in the fashion shoot can vary greatly depending on their experience. Where someone relatively new to the field may simply be told where to point the camera and shoot, a more experienced pro could be in charge of outfit selection, make-up and the overall feel of the collection.

If all of these aspects come together, what results is a stunning array of photos, much like the Lucia Giacani “african urban vision” that is featured above. The role of fashion photographer can be quite a thankless field, but for Lucia Giacani, the head photographer for Vogue Accessory, it provides an outlet for her creative abilities.

Featured on her website are countless portfolios of her work that highlight how best to pull off some of these looks. At The Accessories Guild we strongly believe that accessories are what adds character to an outfit, while all other fashion just provides a basis to be designed upon.

Lucia Giacani understand accessories.

Check out her work here:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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