Trend Report | Tomas Maier 2014. Keeping warm this Winter..

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Tomas Maier.. Chrome, Charcoal and Navy…

Here at The-Accessories-Guild we don’t always feel the need to be at the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends. We are most of the time, but other times we like to sit back and just enjoy the more seasonally important garments. Heading into a white wintery christmas, there are some accessories that you can’t afford to leave home without.

Gloves, scarves and maybe even beanies are all necessary items for keeping warm this winter, but just because you have to wear them, does not mean you can’t wear them well. Many people with an eye for fashion thrive in the Winter time. It’s a time of the year to experiment with thicker fabrics and garments that are more shapely and robust. People make a huge fuss about getting their beach body ready for the warm Summer days, but if we can worry about Summer, surely we can have some down time in Winter.

If you’re a savvy shopper who understands the use you will get out of your gloves and scarves this winter, the $135 price tag for a pair of Tomas Maier gloves is really not that steep. They’re a very seasonal pair of mittens that are colour neutral, suiting almost any wintery outfit you could choose.

Keep warm this winter with Tomas Maier:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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