Trend Report | Stella McCartney 2014. Adding to her colourful image..

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Stella McCartney.. Pencil Necklace…

Let me be blunt. I’m not sure if this Pencil Necklace from Stella McCartney will sharpen her already colourful image or not. All I know is I just used three analogies in that first sentence, which I’m finding far too amusing.

Let’s look at the practicalities of this purchase. For $420 you could have a fluorescent pink pencil, hanging from your neck. Or conversely you could buy an entire collection of Derwent studio pencils for $78.95. Now I’m not saying that McCartney’s necklace is a waste of money, all I’m saying is there are more logical choices.

That aside, the fluorescent colour of the pencil proves to compliment the gold of the necklace very nicely. The McCartney logo on the chain is where a large portion of the price tag comes from, but rest assured this won’t be a pencil that will require sharpening.

Some brands have matching love heart pendants that star-crossed lovers carry with them, perhaps McCartney can release another necklace with a sharpener attached.

Check out the Pencil Necklace here:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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