Trend Report | Golden Globes 2014. And the winner is.. Variety!


Sophia Vergara.. Lorraine Schwartz…

The Golden Globes, much like the Emmy’s, continued a trend where accessories were more often than not, missing. But did this have a negative effect on proceedings?

Well, first and foremost, lets discuss the accessories that were on display. In the handbag department, many opted to either go without a handbag, or they went with a colour-matching clutch. Hayden Pannetiere’s dress was quite sharp on the eye, with a strong white and black contrast that benefited greatly from her white Tom Ford clutch. Similarly colourless was ever rising Hollywood icon Jennifer Lawrence’s white dress with two breaks of black. Lawrence was also one of the few to adorn a bracelet or two.

The most noticeable of all jewellery pieces from this year’s Golden Globes was the Lorraine Schwartz necklace worn by Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. At the Emmys, Vergara stepped out without a necklace, but she has hit back with a vengeance with this mammoth piece. Meanwhile, Cate Blanchet looked like a painting in her Armani Prive dress.

A few last minute comments. Tina Fey blossomed onstage alongside her co-host Amy Poehler, but whether the same could be said about Fey’s red carpet dress is debatable. Emma Watson’s cheeky grin on the catwalk attested to her adventurous nature with her daring dress-pant hybrid.  And for the Gents, bowties were certainly the choice this year.

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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