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Christy.. by Windsor Smith…

Some items are just iconic pieces for their brands. The Ray Ban Aviator and that Louis Vuitton print on their totes (you know which one I mean). Both of these are symbols of their brands and have helped them move a lot of stock and given men and women all over the world confidence to step out looking their fashionable best.

An iconic piece for Windsor Smith is their Christy shoe. Popular with the youth of today, you would struggle to go out, around town, without seeing this shoe in at least 3 different colours. The shoe is that popular you can even get a keyring with a figurine of the shoe on it.

Windsor Smith are an Australian Brand that are fast becoming a fashion force, almost purely off the back of this shoe. Founded in 1946, largely as a Men’s Fashion Footwear Label, Windsor Smith has expanded since the beginning of the last decade, becoming a dominant force in local fashion, with increasing pull in markets all over the world.

Last week we spoke about the importance of having staples in your fashion arsenal, and this shoe certainly falls into that category. It is flexible and can be worn according to a plethora of dress codes. This makes the inexpensive Christy, $140 AUD, a wardrobe must have.

Get Christy here:

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Sean Hyatt

Accessories Guild Contributor.

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