Trend Report | Alluring style… Make Your Mark with Diesel Black Gold..

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Statement making pieces.. by Diesel Black Gold…

What’s more expensive, the cost of filling your car up with diesel or the cost of filling your wardrobe with Diesel?

Diesel Black Gold is a committed subset of the Diesel brand. It dresses for a look and not necessarily depending on current fashion trends. Generally speaking, you’re not going to look at Diesel Black Gold’s catwalk and see something that’s popularly consumed. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad style option, just one that is different.

At this week’s New York Fashion Week, Diesel Black Gold put on a show that you could and could not predict. What I mean by this is, you could walk into this catwalk knowing what shade, or feel, you will get from this show (blacks, greys, whites and reds), it’s just a case of tying it all together and seeing how the designers have stitched it all together.

With this colour scheme, the accessories really have a chance to feature in this collection. From the photo above you can see how well the shoes and the handbags are highlighted. Diesel Black Gold’s Spring Summer 2015 collection is made to make a statement. Step out on a balmy Summer’s night in these pieces and you are bound to turn heads…

Here is where you can catch up with all of the latest images from New York Fashion Week:

Diesel Black Gold:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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