Trend Report | Gucci heritage… Why the colour palette is important to me..

Gucci Heritage

Classic styling.. by Gucci…

Every season I am lucky enough to invest in one luxury branded handbag.  A handbag that I hope one day to pass down to my children.  For the last two seasons I have chosen Gucci, why? Because of the heritage the brand carries.

When I purchase my twice yearly luxury items it is an afternoon event.  I have lunch somewhere fancy, sipping fine french champagne, after I slowly walk through all the designer stores until I come across the one store that entices me to spend. The last two seasons Gucci had me at first sight, the store is refined and detailed in dark luxury.  The collection of handbags on display are arranged in such away you cannot help but spend a fortune.  I was so attracted to the collection, due to the colour palette and the iconic styling.

The colour palette for this season is rich and the styles are both contemporary and from seasons past.

Gucci is a brand of styling power, not only in their accessories collection, but also in their fashion line.  In their advertisements, Twitter and Facebook they have contrasted colours brilliantly to complement each other in such way, you cannot help but fall in love with the line. It appeals to my sense of balance and beauty.

In the last two seasons Gucci is a brand that has stayed true to it’s heritage. It is the only brand I have noticed that hasn’t  done a full collection of whacky fashion (please refer to Moschino MacDonald’s and Fendi’s crazy fur animal bags in previous posts). Gucci has stayed true and I like it..

To see what I’m talking about follow the link and experience the heritage we know and love.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Samantha Delaney-Saretta.


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