Trend Report | Connect your Phone to Your Watch? Why not…

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Samsung vs Apple … Which will you choose?

They fill our pockets and handbags, and slowly smartphones will begin to cover our entire bodies. The new war between some of the world’s biggest technology brands has moved away from design patents to wrist watches.

Samsung released a wrist watch that had the functionality to connect with the Galaxy S4 via bluetooth. Now, if rumours are to be believed, the iPhone 6 is about to follow the same path and release a watch.

I’m living in the past with my iPhone 4, but that’s because it still works. Once I drop it a few more hundred times or I wake up to the radiation seeping through the massive crack in the back of my phone, will I finally decide that it is time for a new phone.

The irony is, I stopped wearing watches because they were made redundant by phones. There’s obviously style reasons to wearing a watch, which I do when the occasion suits, but for those practically minded, wearing a watch is just a waste.  But now, phones are trying to sell you watches.

Personally, I don’t think they look good. Rolex probably won’t  make a watch that looks like one of these do, and they shouldn’t either. Also, if you obsess over telling your friends how you can take a photo with your watch and send it to your phone, then that’s just not that cool, nor interesting.

But I could be wrong!

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Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor.

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