Trend Report | Nicholas K… Kicking off New York Fashion Week..

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Fresh outlooks from a fashion up and comer.. by Nicholas K…

Summer is fading in the Northern Hemisphere and along with autumn leaves comes this years fashion weeks, starting in New York. September 4th is the commencement date for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and the schedule is jam packed with some of the biggest names and up and coming stars of the fashion world.

Some trusted global brands such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren round out the week, meanwhile some lesser known names will feature to fill out the program for this years festival.

Today we will be focusing on the very first label to hit the catwalk in New York, Nicholas K.

Founded in January 2003, New York based Nicholas K was started by two siblings, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. If you visit the official fashion week website you will be able to read some information about this fashion oriented family. It reads a little like a resume, but the lack of floral fashion vocabulary is compensated for by the long list of companies that Nicholas has worked for in her time as a designer and consultant.

The designs are described as “modern classics” and “wardrobe staples” that you could build any outfit around. While we focus on accessories at The Accessories Guild, we understand the importance of these basic essentials in building a flexible and trendy wardrobe.

Read more about Nicholas K here:

Visit the official Nicholas K website:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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