Trend Report | Moschino… McDonalds? Fast Fashion..


Fast Fashion.. by Moschino…

Here at the-accessories-guild we love all things Moschino.  But is their new Capsule Collection for fall 2014-15 designed around McDonalds & Sponge Bob Square Pants going too far? Choosing a fast food chain and a cartoon character for a fashion line is both bold and ?. What statement is Moschino trying to make with this collection? We have combined the brands, to come up with … Fast Fashion! Consumers are wanting new fashion… FAST! But is it this type of fast they were looking for?

Moschino has recently appointed creative director Jeremy Scott, and with this being his first collection for the fashion house, he has gone brand mad. Not the Moschino brand madness we love. He’s gone, burgers and kids shows. Who would have thought when sitting viewing fashion week, the next headline the fashion world would see is Moschino, McDonalds and Sponge Bob Square Pants in the one sentence.

You really have to love McDonalds and Sponge Bob Square Pants with this range, and it looks like they do. The collection itself has caused quite a commotion within the fashion world, with some of the pieces already available at stores like Opening Ceremony and Colette of NY. Within the accessories range prices start at 54euro for a French Fry iPhone cover which seems to be the only item available in the collection for purchase online.

The-Accessories-Guild can appreciate the gutsy approach to humour of this collection, but is it worth it? Will it attract the right customer and how will it place the brand going forward? When doing fun and wacky fashion are the head designers thinking of the brand’s future? Are designers making a statement or are they associating with known characters to get attention, rather then letting their brand speak for itself? Or are we moving into an era of fun wacky fashion that should not be taken so seriously.

My view, if you want to make a statement do so, but maybe leave McDonalds to do what they do best… Fast food not fast fashion.

The Capsule Collection is not available for purchase online and is currently for purchase at selected stores. For more of the Moschino range, their website can be viewed here:

Guided by the Guild.

Samantha Delaney-Saretta.

Accessories Guild Contributor.

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