Trend Report | Rave Bags or Library Bags?… Givenchy Fall 2014..

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.32.30 AM

6 of the new Rave Bags.. Fall 2014…

Libraries are going out of fashion quicker than matching tracksuits, but Givenchy seem to be trying to reintroduce the library bag with their latest line hitting the shelves. It’s a broad bag, and from advertisement perspectives, it looks almost A4 size. To me, it seems to be a nice version of those old transparent bags they’d use in Libraries to keep magazines in good condition. But at The-Accessories-Guild we know Nicholas Cage won’t be running around in the next National Treasure movie hunting for a limited edition Vogue magazine, so we have to see what these bags are really all about.

Named ‘Rave Bags’, they are long, slim bags that are championed by Givenchy.  They aren’t quite a clutch, but they come from the same family of lightweight, fashionable bags. If you’re trying to think of something to clarify what these bags are, just think of a really nice satchel. They hang from the shoulder, aren’t too dainty, but still have enough room for all of your essentials, plus a little extra.

Rave Bags are certainly a highlight to an outfit, not just something in the background. The length and cut will help give shape to your outfit, and they are designed in a way that can really make them pop. The ‘Yellow Fabric with Rubber Effect’ bag in the top left corner of our featured picture is certainly proof that this bag isn’t looking to just blend in.

Givenchy are very fashion forward in the modern fashion context, so look through their website to view the cutting edge of world Haute Couture:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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