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Bold Fragrance.. FENDI 2014…

Perfume is the most sensual accessory you can have, so don’t disregard it’s importance.

The full fashion picture can never be understood just by our eyes. Texture and smell are just as important as any visual or graphic. While I don’t think many people will argue that point, it is still understated in the world of fashion. At the Academy Awards no one asks George Clooney what cologne he’s wearing, whether or not Nicole Kidman is in Chanel no. 5, or if Daniel Craig is wearing an Eau de Toilette or just a toilet air freshner.

Do you have one perfume for going out with and one for work, or do you coordinate your outfit and your mood to your scent… if so I wouldn’t want to get in to a shitty mood.

For all the emphasis there is on wearing the right perfume, there never seems to be a huge push for it on TV. Obviously there’s only so many of our 5 senses that we can use when sitting in front of the television, but if we can live without smelling food on cooking shows, why can’t we live with it when watching fashion shows?

Fendi have just released their new line of fragrances, ‘Fan di Fendi’. While it admittedly sounds a bit like a tongue twister, we here at The-Accessories-Guild are truly wondering what scent this innovative label are going to release. Their fashion can be very ‘out there’ so what could their fragrances possibly have in store for us?

Fan di Fendi:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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