Trend Report | High Heels or Shin Guards?… Alexander Wang Fall 2014..

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.21.29 PM

Protect yourself from slide tackles.. Alexander Wang…

Fluorescent highlights are trending in Alexander Wang’s 2014 Fall collection. While Fall is usually a mellower time where we get ready for colder weather and more modest clothing, Wang has burst out into life with this eye catching, bright, and quirky collection.

Seen on the runway below, these shoes really do stick out. And when I say stick out, I don’t mean like a sore thumb, but like a sore toe.

What I struggle with is looking at the models, and how their legs aren’t in line to the shoe. The part of the shoe that extends up the shin of the wearer sits a little off to the side when worn, and for those of you who don’t like things off centre, then this will bother you. I don’t think this piece is his finest work. Far from it in fact. I could see he was trying to reinvigorate Winter with some bold colours, but no one wants heels with shinguards.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.31.14 PM

Wang recently teamed up with budget brand H&M and the cat walk was really quite a show. Have a look here:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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