Trend Report | Marc by Marc Jacobs… By Marc Jacobs..

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The branding of Marc Jacobs will guarantee that you know it is Marc Jacobs. The branding is almost James Bond-esque. Jacobs, Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs.

The Henry Skeleton Glitz 34mm watch comes packed with sparkle. The watch is equipped with a snapback case, a diamenti finish and lots of gold plating. Gold watches have been a staple of the fashion world for a long time, pardon the pun, and don’t seem to be losing their place on the mantle piece of refined, must-have accessories. At $300 (AUD) the Henry Skeleton Glitz is affordable elegance.

Spring ’15 demands some bright colours and eye-catching pieces. The finish of this Marc Jacobs watch will certainly give you that feel.

Marc Jacobs have a huge range of watches on display, so there is one that is bound to suit you.

Find them here:

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Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor.

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