Trend Report | The Bling Society… Re-Creating Itself..

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New Look coming soon.. By The-Bling-Society…

A complete make-over is no easy accomplishment. It is not enough just to look different, you have to feel different and be different. That’s why The-Bling-Society has closed for 2 weeks in preparation for its new revamped look.

The-Bling-Society has been running strongly since 2005 as a high-fashion, costume jewellery label. It has supplied women all over the world with a cost-effective, yet glamorous way to highlight their natural features. Items such as the Luxe necklace have featured on The-Accessories-Guild before, and it’s classics like Luxe that the Bling Society will look to build upon when they re-open.

CEO of the Bling Society, Samantha Delaney-Saretta, wants to capture “simplicity” whilst pursuing a new avenue of uniquely designed pieces. These pieces will go to retail as one of a kind items, that will truly allow any wearer to patent their very own look. This new line of jewellery is not mass produced, this is rare, elegant, affordable, and most importantly, made for you.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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