Trend Report | Fashionable Fund Raisers…The Louis Vuitton Foundation Party..

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Louis Vuitton Foundation… Fashionable Fund Raisers..

There’s nothing more fashionable, nothing more on trend in the world, than doing charity work. Not necessarily doing it for the right reasons, but a selfie here or there are generally the purpose of many young charitable people.

The Fashion Industry as a whole have certainly been guilty of not being the nicest companies in the world when it comes to cutting costs and looking after every aspect of their company, preferring profit margins over treating some of their employees properly. Therefore, it’s important for these fashion labels, not to only look good, but be good.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation Party was held recently and was attended by a few of the bigger names in world fashion, such as Karl Lagerfeld. The work they do isn’t necessarily digging wells in Africa, but they are looking at spreading their fashionable prowess into, amongst other things, architectural projects. Art and Fashion aren’t too far removed from each other, so the link Louis Vuitton are making is quite intriguing in this modern day set up.

Check out the website here:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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