Trend Report | Draping in the wind… Lemaire Paris Fashion Week..

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Paris Fashion Week.. Lemaire…

Headlines from Paris Fashion Week have been swirling around this stunning and sensible show produced by Lemaire. This French label have brought an arabian elegance to their modern french ensemble.

The neutral colours are smooth and stylish, and allow the cut and design of the outfits to truly take centre stage. These Autumn / Winter pieces are flowing, delicate and set an image for what the collection is all about. In particular, I like the way the designers incorporate the accessories into their image.

The boots will keep you warm for winter, but aren’t chunky and ugly. The bags compliment the range nicely to give a practical look to these outfits. Most noticeably is the use of scarves, worn tight around the neck, that masterfully brings in the arabian feel of the collection and gives the Lemaire 2015 its most striking look.

These designs are straight from Algeria to the streets of Paris and promise to transcend the streets with their elegance.

View a clip of the runway here:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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