Trend Report | Dior. La Rose Dior Bagatelle Collection…

DIOR_Haute_JoaillerieLa Rose Dior Bagatelle.. By Dior…

Seated at the head of the fashion table for 67 years Dior has charmed the world into a state of stylistic wonder.  Producing clothing, fragrances and most importantly accessories, they continue to water our eyes and hold our hearts in anticipation for the most scrumptious of grand treats.

These dazzling jewels from their new collection ‘La Rose Dior Bagatelle’ will ensure the beating hearts of fashionistas the world over pump in unison.

Conjuring images of dainty flowers they incorporate a natural essence with a pop of sparkling glam.

Dine out on and take a peek at these beauties.. they are the rings of all seasons…

Be guided by the guild.

James Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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