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Pearl Collection.. by David Yurman…

Before I began writing this piece on the David Yurman ‘Pearl Collection,’ I searched the Internet for a phrase I’ve heard many times… “This year, Pearls are back in fashion.”

What I found was a smattering of blog posts, almost one-a-year going back to 2005, talking about how Pearls are back in fashion (I’m sure the articles would have kept going if I persisted with my search). This got me thinking… Do Pearls come into fashion every year? Do we only think they are fashionable every year? Or have they just always been fashionable?

My answer? I think we have just found ways of reinventing this timeless classic. We have never gotten rid of pearls as a fashion item, but the way in which we wear them has evolved. Judging from the David Yurman collection, the current style is to wear Pearls… lots and lots of pearls. But has the look been done before?

Not quite. The use of pearls has developed from year to year. Initially it was fashionable to have one tight fitting necklace wrap around the neck. Then the Pearl Rope came along, where women could loop it around their necks one, two, three and sometimes four times. Following that came the ideas of mixing and matching pearls and necklaces. Now what we have is the David Yurman collection where Pearls of both many different sizes, but also many different colour arrangements are combined… making the sumptuous poster that Yurman uses to display his creation (featured above).

So, the ‘Pearl Collection…’ It has over 100 different pieces (rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings) so there literally is going to be a design or two for you. Pricing ranges from $425 for some of the bracelets, to $42,000 for the South Sea Pearl Necklace. Even if you think Pearls aren’t the look for you, take a look at the Yurman website and indulge in the natural beauty of some of these pieces.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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