Trend Report | Fashion on a whole other level. Chanel’s Little Black Jacket…

The Little Black Jacket

Exhibition.. Chanel’s Little Black Jacket…

A wave of melancholy descended upon me, as if grey clouds were taking their seat on the alpine mountains, as I watched through the numerous video clips and galleries of the beautiful people involved in Chanel’s “The Little Black Jacket” Exhibition. The plethora of aesthetic and confident people on display in Beijing for the Chinese leg of the Black Jacket tour, have made me self conscious to an extent that I am deploying my verbose lexicon in an ill fated attempt at regaining some sense of my own self worth.

Having stopped off in venues all over the globe, including Hong Kong, Milan, Dubai, Sydney and Paris, this travelling band of the worlds most alluring and captivating people have ably displayed the stunning photographic nous of Karl Lagerfeld – alongside, of course – the timeless Chanel Little Black Jacket.

We understand that this piece is not an accessory. But we also understand that accessories need a platform to leap off. Chanel’s Little Black Jacket provides a simple, yet stunning canvas on which anyone can create.

Actresses Diane Kruger, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tilda Swinton, new father Kanye West, and models Tao Okamoto, Poppy Delevinge and Georgia May Jagger all feature in the cross-denominational, cross-cultural phenomenon that is Chanel’s Little Black Jacket Exhibition.

The jacket itself looks so simple and refined to the unknowing eye, but a great clip about the making of the timeless tweed jacket shows the intricacy and the work that goes into this piece, that not only sells itself, but also sells the person who is wearing it.

I am yet to see a bad photo from the collection, which has me desperately hoping that the Little Black Jacket could work the same marvels for me that it does for all of these stunning people. However, I fear it is the case that Karl Lagerfeld finds his models, and the models don’t find him. Wherever you are Mister Lagerfeld, know this… My vocabulary is quite good, and I like to think my personality is reflective of several Hollywood A-Listers including Emma Watson, Hugh Jackman, and more accurately Gerard Depardieu.

See it for yourself here…

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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