Trend Report | ZARA accessories. Costume Jewellery 2014..

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ZARA.. Affordable and Stylish…

I see ZARA as a bridge. I view them as a bridge. I bridge between high-end fashion and Target. Which is a compliment. Their gear is very affordable, but they also have some great pieces for both men and women. Their accessories are no different.

Featured above is a very small selection of bracelets from the spanish brand. Their design is mainstream enough to be considered items that could be worn with almost anything, but they are also quite refined. Most importantly, they all price in 10 cents below $20.00US. A bargain from such a highly regarded brand.

If you pop over to the ZARA website after reading this article, what you will find is a very organised website that is very user friendly. On top of that, you will also find some more fashion statement making pieces. Big necklaces are in, and they’re also quite dainty. ZARA are a great brand for young people who need to stretch their money as far as possible, so jump online and have a look around.

ZARA costume jewellery:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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