Trend Report | Jeremy Scott is a Barbie Boy… In a Real World..

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.17.23 PM

If the fashion world wasn’t vain enough.. Barbie by Moschino…

Platinum blonde models dressed in nothing but pink are supposed to represent the most beautiful, confident and perfect girl. But a lack of imperfection is the biggest imperfection of all. This collection screams “ohhh my gawd!”, “totally” and “like, awesome” and that’s why, as a collection, it just doesn’t work.

Take the pieces into isolation and we begin to get something a bit more toned down, a bit more mellow, a bit more mature. But put it all together and you’re just left with an outfit choice that would only fit the stereotyped personality of a 14 year-old girl. And while there is certainly a market for girls of this age, they aren’t likely to be the ones splashing the cash on designer labels and the $1558 USD pink handbags featured above.

Jeremy Scott, the head designer who also brought us the McDonald’s collection, is not one to shy away from talking up his own work. He is a big barbie fan, and has been since he was a child. But he steps out of line and damages affirmative action towards gay rights by childishly stating that “like every girl and gay boy, I loved barbie”. It’s statements like this that make the less intelligent in the world assume that same sex attraction is either, for men, prancing around in pink leather, or for women, fixing cars and lifting weights. His comments, like most of the collection, dare I say, are just silly. It’s a pretty simple collection, and there’s seemingly no effort or creativity involved.

Check out the range here, it’s fun in small doses:

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Sean Hyatt

Accessories Guild Contributor.

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