Trend Report | Driving Italian Sports Cars with Italian Driving Shoes… Tod’s 2015..

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.27.22 PM

Tod’s Driving Shoes.. Stylish like an Italian Super car…

Driving shoes! They don’t need laces because they slip on, but they have laces! But fashion is about those odd flourishes, so let’s embrace them. Grippy on the bottom and smooth on the top, Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes are where it’s at.

Bright coloured footwear used to be something only women’s shoes and sports shoes used to produce, but now men’s shoes are entering the fray with these gorgeous blue pastel shoes.

Tod’s hit the runway at Milan Fashion week, and have been receiving warm reviews, with their ready to wear collection proving a hit. It was a very creamy, very white, and very floral arrangement from the Italian label. As much as we like the glitz and the glamour of some of the runways, it is great to have a ready to wear catwalk from time to time to embrace what will go straight from the runway, to the sidewalk.

Get the Gommino Driving Shoes here:

Watch the Tod’s Women’s Spring Summer 2015 collection here:

Be Guided By the Guild.

Sean Hyatt

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