Trend Report | Flirty and Elegant?… Elie Saab walks the line..

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Elie Saab.. Spring Summer 2015 on the horizon…

Elie Saab are a new brand to The-Accessories-Guild. They are hitting the runway later today in Paris as part of the Paris Fashion Week and there is quite a bit of buzz around the label / car namesake.

We can of course only predict what they will come up with this season for their Spring Summer 2015 collection. With Autumn on the radar in the norther hemisphere, we can look back at the Autumn Winter collection of 2014, and their accessories (especially bags) are something to discuss.

As is the case with the cycle of fashion weeks, what we saw last February / March on the catwalks, is what we are seeing out on the streets today.

Elie Saab’s bags for Autumn Winter are dynamic in their design. They take hard shapes, such as rectangles, and give it a soft, airy design. The texture of the bag literally pops out and adds to the colour and detail of your look. All of this combines for a flexible range of bags that are both flirty and fun, as well as refined and elegant.

There will be many a fashionista watching on this evening to see what Elie Saab will put out on the catwalk, but fill your wardrobe now with these gorgeous bags.

Here are the links to Elie Saab’s Autumn Winter bag collection:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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