Trend Report | The Accessories Paris Fashion Week Didn’t Need… Kimye..

KimyeKimye @BALENCIAGAUnwanted distraction.. Kimye SS15’…

Paris. A city of love, romance and passion. A city with deep roots in fashion and style. It is an eternal city that will live on in legend longer than anyone who has ever inhabited it. And while this years Paris fashion week has been another strong showing, there has been a clear distraction.

Enter, Kim and Kanye. I’ve almost run out of things to say about them. And I know, if we stop talking about them, then maybe they might just disappear. We should bury our heads in the sand and try and block out Kanye ‘letting’ Taylor Swift finish, Kanye telling disabled people to stand up and Kanye constantly talking up his own ability. And then there’s Kim and the entire Kardashian clan.

Paris fashion week needed to be highlighted because of the quality of brands & products on show, and the lack of attention it gets compared to New York Fashion Week, but Kimye weren’t the accessories that were supposed to make the headlines. We should have been hearing about the runway shows, including, the bags, the shoes, the necklaces and the dresses, not of a baby wearing her dad’s tour top. Balenciaga only hit the news because of the star couple, and not because of their sharp glasses, delicate clutches, pointed shoes and the talent of it’s head designer.

Instead, the runway show was headlined by Kimye and their support act was Balenciaga! Hopefully, next season runway shows overrule reality… shows!

BalenciagaStunning style.. Balenciaga SS15’…

Enjoy this runway for what it is:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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